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AFC First presents a unique combination of historical consumer loan experience, energy industry knowledge and a highly regarded focus on contractor/dealer training and due diligence.

It is qualified and experienced in consumer loan and rebate program development and underwriting and servicing of energy related loans and rebates. AFC First has worked regionally with HVAC and other energy related contractors for over sixty years. In 1999, AFC First expanded its EnergyLoan® program to become multi-state, when it became one of a handful of FannieMae Approved Energy lenders, and has developed a network of over 4,000 Approved Contractors in twenty states.  

Success of our programs is a result of maintaining active relationships with our Network of Approved Contractors.

Contractors are required to meet approval criteria, including minimum length of time in business, satisfactory business and personal credit references, as well as a reputation for a high level of service and workmanship. Consistent contact and ongoing training sessions for contractor/dealer sales staff, along with online and rapid approval capabilities, extended hours, marketing and website development services are key to program utilization.

For Contractors who are looking to get started in energy efficiency, we offer various training courses through our Green Energy Training Center.

Utility and Manufacturer Programs and Program Endorsements

AFC First manages energy efficiency financing programs which are often integrated with rebate programs for several utilities, manufacturers and other sponsors including: